Coming Soon, Our Third Production!
"The Years of Excellence-Bridging the Generations"


The Vision

In 1994 when God gave me a vision for Faithville Gospelcast Productions there were three productions! First, Faithville-The Town That Lives After Its Name, a Christian Romper Room program for young children which became known as Miss Charity's Diner-Taste 'n See and finally a seniors program called The Years of Excellence-Bridging the Generations.

The Need

Now in 1994 we weren’t even talking about the baby boomer generation. However, today so much of our population is seniors which begs the question-why not a program that ministers to that age group? With Miss Charity’s Diner on the air we received hundreds of calls and letters from grandparents that told us they are either raising their grandchildren or taking on the spiritual responsibilities of discipling their grandchildren.

The Goal

These facts and comments from grandparents helped us to formulate our new seniors program. Staying within our mandate we decided to minister to both generations; seniors and children. Our goal is twofold; first no matter what age you are there are challenges in life. God’s Word will work for any age group in helping with those challenges. Secondly, our seniors need to see the valuable asset they are to the younger generation. (Remember gray hair is a sign of wisdom!) While at the same time children will learn that the wisdom that seniors have is a commodity they so desperately need in today’s world. Besides that the seniors need to be around children to keep a youthful attitude. This will all happen in the upcoming episodes of The Years of Excellence-Bridging the Generations!

The Plan

This new program will mostly take place at the grandparent’s home of Tim & Maggie. They have two grandchildren that will move home with them because of their daughters difficult circumstances she is presently experiencing. This close knit neighbourhood make Tim & Maggie’s kitchen a place where over coffee the world’s problems are discussed daily. As well the neighbours all have their opinions on every situation this family must deal with. At the same time the children will meet new friends in their new neighbourhood. Both generations will see how our problems are much the same only the ages are different. Each situation that comes into Tim & Maggie’s home will be sprinkled with doubt, soothed with hope and medicated with humour As this show develops we will see God helping people in a creative way to meet their needs of this 21st century society.


Over our phone operators desks we have a sign-“Our purpose is not to perpetuate growth but to meet the needs of the hurting people that contact this ministry on a daily basis.” That is our purpose to help people by God working through us. In this new program The Years of Excellence we will have prayer lines and a blog on line after each airing. This blog will invite our viewers to share their problems and/or solutions to their experiences as grandparents. This interaction is to give all of our viewers hope no matter what age they are. The Bible say two are better than one. Therefore, collectively we can come together to help one another in the trials of life. God’s Holy Spirit will touch many hearts and give them a hand up.

Stay tuned for The Years of Excellence-Bridging the Generations

"Something taught with pleasure
is learned full measure"
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