Experience the joy of teaching God’s Word to your child/grandchild with the corresponding Bible Study lessons from today’s episode by visiting our Miss Charity's Diner Kid's Club

Here is how it works!

Each lesson contains:

  1. Old Testament Ingredient
  2. New Testament Ingredient
  3. Spice It Up With Proverbs
  4. The Main Ingredient "Jesus"

These lessons will give children an Old Testament and New Testament teaching; a practical lesson in Proverbs and our example to follow JESUS!

Read the stories and lessons with your child/grandchild and then go to the colouring sheet and activity sheet! We have also included a review sheet for each lesson in enhance your child’s comprehension!

No matter the subject your child will get a well balanced Biblical teaching including a practical life application!

To own your very own episode at home to view over and over again you may visit videos page.

Simply click the title or subject and Miss Charity’s Recipe for Life will appear!

 Grandparents - The Most Influential People in the World!
Faithville Gospelcast Productions->Grandparents->Providing the most important message in the World!

As a team we can impact the future generations of our nations with Godly values through imparting God's word into our grandchildren!


How?->Through our 30 minute video devotionals!

We have "Faithville-The Town That Lives After Its Name" for ages 8-88 years old. There are 67 ½ hour episodes to choose from. Over one year of weekly lessons!

We have Miss Charity's Diner for ages 2-10 years old. There are 52 episodes. One year of teaching foundations!

Each has a corresponding devotional for Bible study to share between you and your grandchild(ren)!

It's As Easy As 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . .

  1. Watch the ½ hour episode with your grandchild(ren)
  2. Study the corresponding lesson for the show
  3. Use the free downloadable activities, colouring sheets and review questions to reinforce the teaching in your grandchild(ren)

That's All There Is To It!

What should Grandparents be remembered for? How about being remembered for teaching something that is more valuable than money! That would place you in a special place in your grandchild’s heart, for decades!!

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 Letters From Some Grandparents
Dear Faithville:
From time to time I catch the children's program on television in Arizona on Saturday mornings. While I am not a child, I still enjoy the program. It is one of the BEST children's programs I have ever watched. Do you have any videos available for sale that I might purchase for my grandchildren to watch?
Sincerely, Norma, Phoenix, AZ
Dear Faithville: Thank you so much for sending the other 5 episodes. We have lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy them. I celebrate my 90th birthday and my wife is 88. Our 67th anniversary was yesterday.
Yours in Christ, Jack from Nanaimo, BC
Hi, we live in Grand Prairie, Alberta and we have 6 grown children. We also have a grandson we are raising. He loves Faithville and watches the mailbox faithfully for a letter from Faithville. Thank you for having such a great ministry for children and families. My mom who is turning 82 loves Faithville and watches it every week. She laughs and laughs. I just wanted to tell you that your program brightens my family’s lives.
Thank you, Penny.
"Something taught with pleasure
is learned full measure"
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