Letters From Our Viewers

August 2010

Greetings Faithville,

We are empowered and entertained every week while watching your show.
It's amazing that 23 and 53 year old playwriters can be so inspired by
a show that is meant for 8 year olds. However, that is how God works.
He takes what the carnal mind may call foolish, and he confounds the
wise. By watching your show, we have become as little children in our
faith, yet as adults in our spiritual maturity. Please continue to air
the show and never be afraid to present the unadulterated Gospel of
Jesus Christ. Faithville has expanded its territory our lives. And as
we all continue to sow our prayers and finances into this ministry,
Faithville will impact the world.

Jeremy & Jeanette
Philadelphia, PA

Subject: Re: Video purchase from - Link to download your
From: Charlotte 

Date: Wed, July 14, 2010 2:41 pm

Thank you for sending our download links.  We LOVE this show!!!  We found it on and we just fell in love with it. I plan to purchase more links as soon as I can afford to.  Thanks again.  The lessons that are taught to the kids on the shows are very valuable.  They must be taught, and I believe it comes straight from the heart of each actor/actresses on each episode.  They seem to really pour their hearts into what they are doing and saying on the shows.  Thanks again so very much! 
Charlotte (Mom)
Isaac (My Son age 12..will be 13 in September)


Dear Lovely People,
I am writing on behalf of Jesse (6 1/2) and Chadassah (3 1/2). We just discovered your program, ‘Faithville-Miss Charity’s Diner’, and all three of them loved it. The youngest, Josiah, is only 22 months; he was excited to see the puppet Josiah! They would love to join your club. We have only had Christian television, via satellite, a month now. It has been a real blessing. Especially as the children’s father has now gone into the occult, so we need all the grounding, biblically, and prayers we can get.
May God richly bless you.
Sylvia O.
Victoria, Australia


To the producers of Faithville,
I’ve never written a letter such as this so forgive me if I err in content. But I had to let you know how much my family and I enjoy ‘Faithville’ and ‘Miss Charity’s Diner’. My children are 7, 6, and 4 and they get genuine joy from watching your programs. I must admit that at 33 I get a real kick out of them myself. We like how all the plot lines are tied together by a singular theme on ‘Faithville’ and or favorite character on ‘Miss Charity’ Diner’ (I apologize for not knowing the character name) is the young lady gardener who’s always telling the Biblically themed stories. In our area the shows are broadcast in the morning hours, so we record them and watch them on Saturday night as Saturday daytime in our family outdoor time.
What I am wondering is if Minister Collins have more shows of this gender on the air. We would be interested in more of this quality programming. We are also curious if there is such a thing as a ‘Faithville’ fan club. If so I’m sure my kids would love to join. We do not have internet access, so we can be reached, pre supposing there is a reason you wish to reach us at . . . . I shank take up any more of your time. I only wished to thank you for your family friendly, humorous programming. In these times it is definitely needed. If you have more programming that ‘Faithville’ and ‘Miss Charity’s Diner’ please let me know.
Yours very truly,
Zethaniah W.C.


Dear Miss Charity,
I am a 14 year old boy named Damion M… and I’m writing to you from the beautiful island of St. Vincent, down in the Caribbean's. I watch your show every Saturday on TBN and your show teaches me Christian valves that I need to know for my walk with God. Please send me a membership card. I would really appreciate it. Please write to me as soon as possible.
God Bless,
Yours with love,
Damion M.

Dear Miss Charity’s Diner,
Our 5 yr. old son, Benjamin, has been a big fan of your show for the last few months. He loves to sing along with your theme music.
Thank you for your work in our children. God bless you in Jesus.
Yours in Christ,
The Redlich Family
"Something taught with pleasure
is learned full measure"
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