Revisit Faithville, the town that lives up to its name! Season 1 DVD set includes:

1- Trusting and Knowing GodIs this where you want me, God? Laugh with Miss Evidence as she learns to trust God.
2- SalvationWhat’s it all about? Join us as Mr. Doubt has a very important encounter with God.
3- DiscipleshipI have to follow who? Find out what it means to be in God’s army!
4- Baptism of the Holy SpiritDid you say dynamite power? Don’t miss Miss Rosa’s testimony of what her life was like before she found the True Source of power.
5- Called to be Servants, Parts 1 and 2Chef a la Cutright? Who are the new waitresses in town? Learn the how-not-to’s of serving God.
6- Godly CompanionsWho are Doc’s new friends? Discover the value of godly friends.
7- God the GiverDo you know any old runners? Watch Charity’s prayers be answered as she gives to God.
8- Don’t CompromiseHave you heard about the fish that got away? Go fishing with Mr. Cutright and learn what happens when we compromise on God’s Word.
9- Seeds? Sew What?Where are my seeds? Learn the importance of planting the right seeds.
10. Seeds that bring a Blessed HarvestWhat kind of seeds are you planting? Discover how to reap a harvest from God’s Word.
11- Soil – This isn’t a Dirty WordWill Farmer Waterwell have to leave Faithville? Join the men of Faithville as they find out what soil and hearts have in common.
12- Roots on the RocksIs it a rock garden? Find out what happens when God’s Word falls on rocky soil.
13- This is a Thorny IssueA murder? Discover the danger of having God’s Word falling among ‘thorns’