Revisit Miss Charity in the diner as she welcomes kids to learn about Friendship, Patience, Faithfulness, Creativity and more! Stop in to hear a story with Miss Geranium, visit with Farmer Shalom and Dusty the dog, or learn safety and responsibility from Constable Howie.

This DVD set Includes the following episodes:

Season 1:

  1. Friendship – What is this friendship stuff all about?
  2. Forgiveness – Do I really have to forgive?
  3. Sharing – How many ways can I share?
  4. Obedience – Does it really pay to be obedient?
  5. Fear – Have you ever been afraid of something or someone?
  6. Truth – Does God want me to tell the truth?
  7. Prayer – Is it a simple thing to pray?
  8. Patience – Have you ever wanted to be more patient?
  9. Fairness – How many of us as parents have heard, “It’s not fair!”?
  10. Anger – Does your anger affect the people around you?
  11. Love – Do you know how much God really loves you?

**BONUS: Includes the following specials:

  1. Christmas Special – What is the true meaning of Christmas? 
  2. Easter Special – What is Easter all about?