Revisit Miss Charity’s diner as she welcomes kids to learn about Friendship, Patience, Faithfulness, Creativity and more! Stop in to hear a story with Miss Geranium, visit with Farmer Shalom and Dusty the dog, or learn safety and responsibility from Constable Howie.

Includes the following episodes:

  1. Respect – Do you respect others and their possessions? 
  2. Thankfulness – Have you ever caught yourself not being thankful?
  3. Paying Attention – Hey parents, can I have your attention for a moment?
  4. Faithfulness – Are you faithful – do you know God’s Faithfulness?
  5. Trust – How do we learn to trust others as well as God?
  6. Joy – Parents, grandparents and teachers, have you ever seen a child with joy?
  7. Gentleness – Do you know the gentleness of God?
  8. Self-Control – Have you ever struggled with self-control?
  9. Neat and Tidy – Is your room always neat and tidy?
  10. Tender Hearted (Compassion) – How can I become more tender hearted?
  11. Creativity – How many times, as parents, have we heard “I’m bored.”?


**BONUS: Includes the following 2 specials:

  1. Thanksgiving (Special) – Do you express your gratitude for your blessings?
  2. Valentine’s Day (Special) – How do you show who you are thinking of?