Revisit Miss Charity’s diner as she welcomes kids to learn about Friendship, Patience, Faithfulness, Creativity and more! Stop in to hear a story with Miss Geranium, visit with Farmer Shalom and Dusty the dog, or learn safety and responsibility from Constable Howie.

Includes the following episodes:

  1. Responsibility – How responsible are you to do those things that need to be done?
  2. Contentment – How content are you with who you are and where you’re at?
  3. Polite – How are your everyday manners?
  4. Giving – Does everyone have something to give?
  5. Loyalty – How Loyal are you?
  6. Good Job – Do you do a “Good Job” in all that you do?
  7. Helpfulness – Are you a “Helpful” person?
  8. Bullies – Have you ever been called a bully?
  9. Don’t Quit (Perseverance) – Do you finish the job given to you?
  10. Honour the Elderly – Do you honour the elderly folks you know?
  11. Thoughtfulness – How “Thoughtful” are you?

**BONUS- Includes the following 2 special episodes:

Mother’s Day (Special)- How do you honour your Mother?
Father’s Day (Special)- How do you honour your Father?