Revisit Miss Charity’s diner as she welcomes kids to learn about Friendship, Patience, Faithfulness, Creativity and more! Stop in to hear a story with Miss Geranium, visit with Farmer Shalom and Dusty the dog, or learn safety and responsibility from Constable Howie.

Includes the following episodes:

  1. Hope (Optimistic/Pessimistic) – Where do you find HOPE?
  2. Gossip – What do you Gossip about?
  3. Jealousy – Are you Jealous about something or of someone?
  4. Stubbornness – Do you know someone who is Stubborn?
  5. Listening – Have you noticed that sometimes people don’t Listen?
  6. Merciful – How Merciful are you?
  7. Complaining – Complain, Complain, where do you stand on Complaining?
  8. Disappointment – Do you encourage someone who has been Disappointed?
  9. Goodness – What is Goodness?
  10. Laughter – Did you know Laughter is contagious?
  11. Loneliness – Do you belong to the “Lonely Hearts Club”?
  12. Punctuality – Are you always on time or always late?


**BONUS: Includes the following special episode:

Canada Day (Patriotism) – What is “Patriotism”?